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Taylor-Made Lactation Photo Release Forms

Photo Release Form

 I maintain social media accounts for marketing purposes. Please indicate whether you are generally open to having photos of you and/or your baby published on my accounts. If yes, I will request specific consent for each individual photograph before publishing; this is not a blanket consent.

Photo release for marketing purposes

I hereby grant permission to Taylor-made Lactation/Taylor Aguirre to use the attached photo in marketing and publicity materials for Taylor-made Lactation. I assert that this photo contains my likeness and the likeness(es) of my minor child(ren), named below. I grant these rights in perpetuity in all media, including but not limited to Taylor-made Lactation’s website, social media account(s), and printed promotional materials.

I understand that I may retract these rights with written notice at any point, and that Taylor-made Lactation will remove any posts, advertisements, or other materials containing this photo that are under control of Taylor-made Lactation within 30 days of receipt of written notice. I understand that Taylor-made Lactation may not be able to remove all places where these promotional materials may have been saved or indexed by an authorized third party such as a search engine or social media site, among others. I release Taylor-made Lactation from any and all responsibility for usage of this image by third parties.


Names of minor children:

How would you like to be credited? Full name, first name, initials, or anonymous

By using this product, you attest that you have purchased a license for this product and are agreeing to the Usage Terms, Conditions, and Copyright found in the product documentation.

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