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Frequently Asked Questions

Information about Taylor-Made Lactation

Why hire an IBCLC?

An IBCLC, or International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, is an expert specializing in assisting breastfeeding parents to prepare for breastfeeding and then assist with any breastfeeding issues once the baby is born and throughout the duration of your breastfeeding journey, including pumping and going back to work, starting solid foods, and weaning. My support can help the entire family through the feeding journey. Breastfeeding may be easy for some families and very complex for others. Each baby is different and I understand the process can be overwhelming and at times confusing. I help equip families to meet their breastfeeding goals. By instilling expert education, technique and confidence, Taylor-Made Lactation works alongside families to nurture and nourish our future generation in Lake County.

In addition to providing help prenatally to prepare for breastfeeding, once your baby is delivered I can help with positioning, latching, and weighing your baby, monitoring growth, and troubleshooting any issues that arise. This approach helps to effectively make a breastfeeding plan that will allow for long-term breastfeeding success.

What To Expect Working with Taylor-Made Lactation Consultants?

As a lactation consultant I provide at-home breastfeeding education and support both pre- and postnatally, educating you about breastfeeding and assisting with any difficulties while always relying on the most updated evidence-based information.


As a mom of 3 myself, I understand that mothers need a unique care plan that suits their own lifestyles and preferences. Breastfeeding is not one size fits all. During our consultation, we carefully assess the mother-baby dyad on multiple relevant aspects and make a plan tailor-made for you. Taylor-Made Lactation works together with the family and answers all questions and concerns, and provides personalized lactation care. I’ll bring an infant scale to weigh the baby, and other tools necessary to help you with breastfeeding difficulties. This also includes follow up contact via text messages or email for two weeks or until a follow up visit is scheduled in person, whichever comes first.

How can I help you through your breastfeeding/chestfeeding journey?

I work with parents through all aspects of their breastfeeding journey- prenatally to postnatally.   My assistance to clients begins from the first phone call and lasts until they have met their lactation goals.  During the initial prenatal consultation, we spend about 1.5 to 2 hours going over history, assessing risk factors, and discussing techniques to optimize breastfeeding success.   If I meet a client prenatally I can help you prepare for breastfeeding by providing education about the milk-making process, the first days and weeks of breastfeeding a newborn, and common barriers to success in the early days. After delivery, we can immediately begin developing a plan of care that is specific to the needs of each individual client and baby.  If I am contacted after delivery, some common issues I can assist with are jaundice, supplementing, low milk supply, nipple pain/wounds, or excessive weight loss. After assessing a feeding, we weigh the baby before and after to determine the amount of milk the baby is able to transfer.  As well as doing a physical assessment of mom and baby, we formulate a plan that is tailored to each mom/baby/family’s needs.

What are reasons you may want to contact a Lactation Consultant?

  • Basic breastfeeding education

  • To learn how to use and clean your breast pump equipment

  • Support and encouragement

  • Latch-on problems

  • Sore nipples or engorgement

  • Rapid weight loss or slow weight gain of an infant

  • What to do for insufficient breast milk

  • Medical conditions such as prematurity, cleft lip and/ or palate.

  • Breastfeeding Multiples: twins, triplets, or more

  • Breastfeeding infections such Mastitis, Yeast Infections, Clogged Ducts

  • Breastfeeding and maintaining a good supply for a premature baby

  • Any back to work concerns that may arise

  • Flat or inverted nipples

What should I prepare for my initial consultation?

When you book an appointment via this website it will send you a form to fill out that includes all the parent and baby information via an electronic health record called MilkNotes. Scheduling is done through Acuity, which collects creit card information at the time of booking. You will only be charged if you are a self-pay client or a cancellation or travel fee applies.


Aside from filling out that form, you may wish to prepare a list of questions/concerns before the visit. Otherwise, try to make sure that parents and baby are comfortable before the home visit. If the baby is hungry and ready to feed, that's great, but we can make it work even if they're not. And don't worry about cleaning the house or preparing anything aside from a comfortable place to nurse, whether that's the couch, a chair, your bed... I want to see how you and your baby behave in your home environment during a typical feeding.

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